Michael Williams

Michael Williams – The Basics of Filmmaking

Michael was the winner of the 2015 Ron Tibbett award winner of OzlandHis workshop will screen at the festival, and he will offer at the MS High School Film Competition a workshop on “The Basics in Filmmaking – from basics, to cinematography, directing, and distribution” – there’s a lot to talk about and to learn.

Michael will also be screening his film, Ozland, at the festival and sharing his story and journey about his festival experience and how he got to where he is today!


Kat Phillips – Producing Pitfalls for Indie Filmmakers – 2004 Tupelo Film Festival winner.

Kat Phillips[1]

Kathilynn Phillips, born in Mississippi and now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, is a filmmaker whose award-winning works, including her feature film, Chasing the White Dragon, have screened to thousands in the U.S., Europe and Asian Pacific. A former President and Board member of “Women in Film and Television” Atlanta, Kat is also Entertainment Industry Group Leader for the Ritz Group/Capital Community located in Atlanta. Interested in the growth of our young filmmakers, in 2014 at the Tupelo Film Festival, Kat and her husband Eric, made a generous donation of camera equipment to the Itawamba Community College’s Film Club in Fulton, MS which led to the development of film courses. Kat is truly a leader and mentor in the film industry.

Kat’s workshop will cover common mistakes indie producers make during their projects that result in difficulties for them down the line; from failure to acquire the proper licenses and/or contracts during prep to the failure to gather the appropriate data during filming or post that might be important for distribution deliverables.  Kat will also screen her film Space Available during the festival and share her story of where she was then and where she is now.

Gena Ellis – How a Screenwriter Got On Camera


Gena will be on hand at the Tupelo Film Festival as a guest speaker, workshop presenter and fest judge. Gena will be speaking and doing a workshop (lecture) on Saturday about her journey as first a screenwriter which led to being a producer,  and then how she ended up on screen in films such as Transformers: Dark of Moon and the highest-grossing Bollywood film in North America, Dhoom 3.  She’s also been on many television shows, to include this season’s Nashville, Chicago Fire, Shameless, Boss, Underemployed. And how all that led to publishing a book about her journey, specifically her film, Angela’s Decision, in 2015. In addition to the (workshop or lecture) on film adaptation, she’ll be screening her 2007 Ron Tibbett Best of Show film, Angela’s Decision, and speaking afterwards about the film’s journey from a short story set in West Virginia, to a screenplay set in Oklahoma, to a film set in and made in Australia.

Marlyn Mason – A Life UNedited

Marlyn Mason

Conversations with Elvis’s leading lady, Marlyn Mason.

Come and spend a casual hour with an actress who started in television in 1949 and in her mid 60’s wrote, produced and starred in 3 short films.  Today, at 76, she’s still at it.  She is currently in two short films; one that just premiered last week at the Ashland Int’l Film Festival and another premiering at the Rhode Island Int’l Film Festival in August;  also a feature length horror film, BESETMENT,  that will premiere late October.  She is the “horror” and had great fun playing a truly evil woman.  In June she will be acting in another short film in Pierson, Florida.  Bring your questions. Ask anything about film making you’ve always wanted to know!

Marlyn is aware that she is in the vanishing line; so many of her fellow actors have died, just recently Patty Duke.  Her goal in life is to be the sole surviving leading lady of Elvis Presley which means she has to live to be 109! A noble goal, for sure!

Come and enjoy a terrific chat with Marlyn Mason!









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