2016 SHORTS Screening at Tupelo Film Festival

RED SHOES & TATTOOSRed Shoes & Tatoots

Diamondhead, MS

21 minutes

Directors: Sierre Antone and Hancock Video Production Club

An outcast boy and an outgoing girl forge a lasting friendship in the lonely world that is high school.
Karmas Shadow


Raleigh, North Carolina

24:55 minutes

Director:  Rob Underhill

Titanic forces clash in an epic Take-all battle for control of illicit trade in New York City.


Atlanta, GASuper_Dog

15 minutes

Director: Lawayne Bontrager

A sweet movie about a young boy with post traumatic stress disorder who struggles to let his imaginary dog go. A unique twist reveals what caused his disorder while intertwining supernatural and spiritual influences.

Pinky Swear

Clinton, MSpinkyswear

16 minutes

Directors: Chuck Jett

Dr. Phillip Harris, biologist with the Ackerman Institute has lost his wife; his soulmate due to a fatal illness. Phillip excuses himself from all but the essential social interactions after this point. He eventually finds a friend/lover/hero in Carly, a lady he meets in grief counseling group sessions. It seems as though Phillip has found the strength to slowly put his life back in order, until he discovers Carly cheating on him with another man. Phillip is torn apart by this violation which rips his soul to shreds. He eventually exacts something akin to ‘closure’ as best he can.

Writer’s Block

Ridgeland, MSWriter's Block

4 minutes

Directors:  E.J. Carter; Producers: Tammy DevinBarbara Ann SynowiezE. J. Carter

A struggling writer finds inspiration in the coffee shop distractions and a battle between will power and various forms of writer’s block ensues.

The Game: Part I (R)

Tupelo, MSThe Gane

16 minutes 42 seconds

Director: James Puckett

Gabriel Sims, an Ex-Marine, signs up for a dangerous game in order to find his missing wife, Nora. Along the way, Gabriel will cross multiple challenges that he will have to use all his past skills to pass.


Tupelo, MSForgotten

4 minutes 52 seconds

Directors: James Puckett

Mark Miller takes some time to visit his sister, Anna Miller, in the hospital. As time passes, he discovers that every minute counts.


Ocean Springs, MS The Perfect Tense

19 minutes 04 seconds

Director: Sean Riley

When a disgraced teacher reveals a long-held secret to her husband, she unleashes the darkest secret yet.


Hattiesburg, MississippiSam

9 minutes 45 seconds

Director: Jessy Hughes

While preparing a secluded cabin for her friends’ arrival, a young woman must contend with a familiar monster.

The Shelter

Blue Springs, MSThe_Shelter_image

14 minutes 43 seconds

Directors: Glenn Payne

A young woman faces her darkest fears as people around her begin to disappear.

Man on A Mission: Marcus Smith

Grenada, MSManOnAMissionMarcusSmithPosterSmaller

22 minutes

Directors: Isabella Kinder, Nanette Kinder & Katrina Kinder

A cowboy on a mission to keep Mississippi youth off the streets.

Pilot episode of the TV show concept “I Am The South” – everyday Southerners doing not so everyday things.


Goodlettsville, TNUnconventional Gourmet

14 minutes

Director: Wendy Keeling

A dark comedy about a woman stuck in the 50’s searching for the perfect ingredients in an unusual family recipe.



Starkville, MSSay My Name

2 minutes 2 seconds

Director: Preston Booth; Producer: Dylan Goerner, Trey Wallace

A college student wrestles with a professor who simply refuses to accept late work


SAD FACESad_Face_Cover

Shannon, MS

8 minutes

Directors: Maggie Bushway

Lennox the clown suffers from severe depression, but due to the nature of his job, is forced to hide it under a silly jokes and a smile.



Saltillo, MS

Directors: Ryan Perich

10 minutes, 44 seconds

Austin and Alex have their last fight.










trailer. PG




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