FRANCESCA (Music Video)

Newport Beach, CA

3 minutes 41 seconds

Director: Gaëna da Sylva, Writer: Bill Madden, Producers: Bill Madden, Gaëna da Sylva


Director Gaena_da_Slyva

(About the Director)  Based in Quebec, art photographer and film maker, Gaëna da Sylva discovered photography as a teenager. From the first time that she saw oil catch the light in a puddle of water, light and its interaction with form have continued to fascinate her. She has published three collections of photographs and a collection of poetry. Gaena’s abstract poetic short films combine the magic of movement and static photography often using a multi-layered approach.

Francesca_Gaena_da_Sylva_B_Madden_2 ‘Francesca’ was inspired by the art and life of American photographer Francesca Woodman.  Captivated by the mysterious black and white photography of Woodman (which features herself), Madden paid tribute to Woodman on his new album, “New Religion.”  Director and photographer Gaëna da Sylva portrays Woodman with shadowy imagery, bringing to life Madden’s lyrics, “Ghostly images appear like gossamer blurred apparitions.”


Overland Park, KS

Producer – Tim Ackelmire

2 minutes


(Abouttim the Producer)


Broncho2I shot this on my IPhone 5 and Canon Vixia HF R300 and edited it on Final Cut X. It is my Apple TV screensaver featuring some of my paintings and trip screensavers. Featuring the song What by Broncho.



Lawrenceville, Georgia

3 minutes 37 seconds

Directors:Daniel Espeut, Producers: Daniel Espeut

(About the Director) Born and raised in Georgia, Daniel Espeut has been producing unique cinematic productions for many years. He discovered his passion for directing motion pictures while he was attending Collins Hill High School in Suwanee, Georgia. By his senior year, he received six AECT International Student Media Festival awards and a media internship position with ZDF, one of Europe’s largest broadcast television networks located in Mainz, Germany. In 2009, he became a Cum Laude graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television. Shortly after his college graduation, he began to self-fund his first feature film, GreasePaint. The film had it’s world premiere at the 2013 1st Annual Gwinnett Center International Film festival and received nominations for “Best Non-Fiction Feature Film”, “Best Direction of a Non-Fiction Feature Film” and wDaniielmusicvideoas a winner of the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film. In 2014, Mr. Espeut’s filmmaking career soared when GreasePaint was named an “Official Selection” of the 16th Annual Sarasota Film Festival and the 15th Annual Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival. It was at Bare Bones that Mr. Espeut became the first documentary filmmaker in the history of the festival to win one of their most prestigious awards, Indie Auteur of the Year.

Dont_Be_Judgin_Me_-_Behind_the_Scenes_-_4The music video for Playground Hero’s debut single, “Don’t Be Judgin’ Me”, is an uninterrupted long take featuring Lead Vocalist, Estebon Watson, singing as he dances down the sidewalk. The video was directed and produced by Daniel Espeut, who also appears in the beginning sitting next to Estebon and fellow band members Davon, Ian and Jonathan.  To emphasize Estebon’s manic and drunken state as he tells the story of what happened to him that day, Mr. Espeut uses the art of quick-change to reappear as four separate characters.



Tupelo, MS

4 minutes 47 seconds

Director: Rex Harsin, Producer: Bran Simmons



(About the Director) All the way from Tupelo…The 29 year old Tupelo, MS native musician, songwriter, recording artist, performer, and avid music lover has garnered a cornucopia of camaraderie, experience, knowledge, and wisdom from his steadfast, unbridled faith and devotion to the music for over half of his life. Jake began playing and studying guitar at age 14, was regularly attending countless local “underground shows” by ages 15 and 16, and by age 17 he was composing his first rudimentary drafts of original songs. While still a Senior in high school, he began using and playing under the moniker Amnesty and quickly attracted a small group of like-minded friends and supporters by playing at small parties and get-togethers. After finishing high school in 2004, things really started to change for this amiable and charming young man with promising talent. Over the next decade, Jake would perform at, attend, support, and promote numerous live concerts mostly in the Tupelo area. He would record his original songs in various studio sessions and eventually self-release his debut album “Live Life” in 2011 and an EP entitled “The Origins Sessions” in 2014. Some of his notable songs include: “Homework” (a tongue-in-cheek, hilarious, and insouciant yet seriously rocking tune he wrote as a teen that earned him a modest level of recognition early on.) “Never Give Up Hope” (a short yet profound, powerful, and forthright anthem about availing over the pit of depression and despair.) “The Road Less Traveled” (a tender, heart-warming, and even revelatory ballad that speaks straight to the human soul.) “From Tribulation To Triumph” (quite possibly his magnum opus. A uniquely beautiful, catchy, and halcyon composition that is a patently clear metaphor for Christ Himself.) He’s always eager to check out bands and artists play a live show at a club or scope out a record store for new, rare, and obscure music. It really is sometimes worthwhile to give the underdog a chance. In this age of information overload, it is especially easy for many musical artists to fall through the cracks these days. If you’ve never heard of Jake Wood or his music don’t be alarmed; many people haven’t. Jake has no doubt seen the face disappointment, frustration, and shortfalls at certain times in his life; however, despite all this, he has never let any of that hinder his unwavering belief in his musical mission. The story isn’t over yet, folks. Expect the unexpected. “…there’s a promise just around the bend…from tribulation to triumph ’til the end.”





This is the official music video for the song, “From Tribulation To Triumph” by Jake Wood. Both the song and video convey a strong, uplifting message of hope, love, and reconciliation.



 Poplarville, MS
3 minutes 45 seconds

Directors: Frank Ladner


Frank Ladner Director

(About the Director) Frank Ladner was born in south Mississippi on March 23rd, 1981. His first animated test films were shot on a VHS camcorder with a pseudo stop-motion capture feature. He eventually moved into live-action, and shot several short proof-of-concept films, testing a new technique or approach each time. His first feature, a sci-fi mockumentary called “Hickory Never Bleeds”, was released in 2012.

fRANK2Filmed in black-and-white with vintage lenses and low-fi optics, this music video tells the story of a reclusive man obsessed with seeking and documenting visions in the surrounding wilderness.



Vancouver, BC V6E 3V1

 3 minutes 21 seconds

Director: Rodney Daughtrey, Producer: Rodney Daughtrey

(About the Director

AwayThe first music video from a new band/recording project called “Waves Through Windows”, “Away” was shot and edited by Rodney Daughtrey, the drummer in the band, using a Canon 5DM3 camera and Final Cut Pro X editing software, on location in Vancouver, Boston, and San Francisco.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
3 minutes

Director: Fiona Cochrane, Producer: Fiona Cochrane

(About the Director)


A return to psychedelia, ’cause you just can’t give it up.








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