Makeup Workshop – Louis Armour

Saturday, April 22, 2017
Time: 1:00 – 1:55

This workshop will demonstrate simple and practical makeup techniques and materials that will benefit the amateur filmmaker.

Tupelo resident, Louis Armour, has been fascinated by the magic of movie make-up since he was in the eight grade. It was at that time, with the help of friends and family he began creating elaborate Halloween productions in his home’s entrance hall. Louis read every library book on the subject of makeup and gleamed rid-bits from popular monster magazines of the day. His senior high school play, THE WIZARD OF OZ earned him a special mention by the local paper, calling it, “the most professional part of the entire production.” All through college and after, he was called upon by the local theater groups to create special and difficult makeups which were out of the norm of regular productions. At Halloween he worked for costume shops as a makeup-man-for-hire, winning a trip to Hawaii with his “Sea Witch“ creation.

An artist by trade, Louis owns a small T-shirt business which specializes in designs for the NATIONAL PARKS SERVICE and has created art for such clients as NASA, THE SMITHSONIAN, LOCKHEED MARTIN, and the TITANIC EXHIBITIONS. Louis continues to get his hand in the makeup profession by playing the GRINCH locally in Christmas season and occasionally supplying special characters for local filmmakers.