DOCUMENTARY Film Screenings at the Festival

Mississippi Milk

Olive Branch, MS Miississippi Milk

12 minutes 48 seconds

Directors: David Rogers/ Brittany Retherford ,Writers: David Rogers/ Brittany Retherford, Producers: Chandler Griffin, Lisa Biagiotti Barefoot workshops

A family farmers’ struggle to produce a local product and bring it to the communities of N. Mississippi G

Click here to view video.


Wildflower/A Proposal (Romance, Drama)

Baton Rouge, LA

25 minutes 39 secondsWildflower2

Directors: Max Zoghbi, Writers: Max Zoghbi, Producers: Jarred Coates God’s Not Dead

Broken up at the time, my now wife, Bonnie Kate, was shot and survived the 2012 Batman Theatre Mass Shooting in Aurora, CO.  Choosing to grow and persevere even in the  harshest of seasons and circumstances, Bonnie Kate shines brightly through the darkness and chooses to accept  joy every step of the long, painful and seemingly endless way.  We know that this long suffering, chronic pain and present darkness is for an  unfathomably greater good to come, and this film is a mall glimpse into wrestling with that realty as I craftily propose in a movie theatre. G  Click here to view video.


Where is Elle-Kari and what happened to Noriko-san?

Israel – 49 minutes 20 seconds

ekpik1Directors: Dvorit Shargal, Writers: Dvorit Shargal, Producers:Kastina Communications LTD

A nostalgic, fascinating and heart-breaking journey into very popular photographed children’s books in black  & white from the mid-20th century.  An unbelievable detective story, which follows the missing heroes of the books: Were they real children? Where are they now?  The books were created by the photographer Anna Riwkin-Brick.  Most of them were written by Astrid Lindgren.  G  Click here to view video.


Locked Out: A Mississippi Success Story

Arlington, VA

26 minutes 53 secondsLockedOut

Directors: Sean W. Malone No Vans Land , Producers: Sean W. Malone No Vans Land

Locked Out chronicles the struggles and success of Melony Armstrong, an entrepreneur who fought state restrictions to become the first professional African hair braider in Mississippi.  G Click here to watch the trailer.


Because No One Else Would

Cary, NC

19 minutes 1 second No One Else Would

Directors: Tim Finkbiner, Dan Oliver, Writers: Hal Goodtree , Producers: Hal Goodtree

This is the story of the Durham Renaissance, from booming tobacco town to abandoned 19th century relic and back again as the Silicon Valley of the South. It’s the story of vision and risk, partnerships and perseverance to rebuild a community. G Click here for trailer.


The Other F Word


1 hour 4 minutesF Word

Directors: Isabel Bleim, Writers: Isabel Bleim, Producers: Isabel Bleim, Andre Bleim

What does forgiveness really mean? Is it always essential or is it sometimes impossible, to attain? This feature-length documentary explores the meaning of forgiveness, and examines its impact on our relationships and our sense of justice. G


The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer’s Together

San Francisco, CA

57 minutesSum

Director: Barbara Klutinis Severing the Soul, Stepping into the Stream, Journey Swiftly Passing, Wind/Water/Wings, Still Life with Barbie, The IWWF Rendezvous Connection, Trumpet Garden, Pools, Writers: Barbara Klutinis , Producers: Barbara Klutinis

An ode to memory: Couples diagnosed with Early Alzheimer’s come to terms with their changing roles. Medical experts in Alzheimer’s Disease offer their perspectives from the front lines.  G Click here for trailer.



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