The Tupelo Film Festival is proud to announce the winners of the Mississippi High School Film Competition! Here are the winners:

1st place – Graham Holliday (Tupelo) for Your Name – $250.00
2nd place – Emma Harrington (Madison Central) for Linked – $150.00
3rd place – Ronald Ries for The Maltese Canned Coconut Water (Mississippi School of the Arts) and Emma Harrington (Madison Central) for Teen Blood – $50.00 each
Best Cinematography – Your Name by Graham Holliday (Tupelo) – $250.00 from the Ole Miss Film Department
Honorable Mention for Cinematography – Let Me Go by Leah Vaughn (Tupelo High School)

-Doll by Graham Holliday (Tupelo)
-Gilly by Lorelai Soto (Mississippi School of the Arts)
-Hands by Madalyn Carpenter (Mississippi School of the Arts)
-Let Me Go by Leah Vaughan (Tupelo High School)
-Linked by Emma Harrington (Madison Central High School)
-Nightmare by Lorelai Soto (Mississippi School of the Arts)
-Promise by Owen Davis (Mississippi School of the Arts)
-Teen Blood by Emma Harrington (Madison Central High School)
-The Maltese Canned Coconut Water by Ronald Ries (Mississippi School of the Arts)
-We the People by Collin Surbeck (Oxford High School)
-Your Name by Graham Holliday (Tupelo)

Congratulations to the winners!! Also, thanks to all students who submitted films; these films were all produced well and show promise of a great future in the creative arts for the students.

We will continue working on a way to stream all of the films and award an audience’s favorite film. The finalists will receive a certificate, and the winners/high schools will receive a cash award plus a trophy. The winners and sponsors will be contacted for correct addresses.