2020 Film Schedule – Thursday, April 15th – GUM TREE

5:00 – FOREIGN SHORTS BLOCK 2 (83:00)


At the funeral of her uncles, Yasemin hits the comforting lie they cherish on her sister’s face: She knows she will not recover, so she will stop treatment and not torture herself any longer. Not willing to accept this, the older sister soon realizes that she is struggling with a sense of possession. Her dilemma will be solved by her relation with the cactus they have stolen from the funeral home with Yasemin.


In order to retrieve his share from a diamond heist, a Mumbai cop confronts his drug-addict partner who’s hiding in a shady neighborhood. But the junkie is clueless about the diamonds. The third partner, a smuggler, who has the diamonds is missing. Will fate get them the missing diamonds?


Almudena has not overcome the death of her daughter and has recurring dreams where she is locked in a strange white room

TRAP (10:42)

A lonely girl sells necklaces to soldiers who attacked her village, but these necklaces have come from a Trap.

THE NEWS (15:00)

A newly married woman lives with her in-laws while her husband works in the neighboring country, Greece. One day he discovers a corpse and the whole small town faces in a battle to get coverage on national television.

7:00 – ALEKSIS (1:30)

Aleksi is approaching her 30s but still stuck under her parents’ roof. While ignoring her pressing responsibilities, she follows her impulses with various men: Christian, an American photographer who she bonds with due to the similar interests; Goran, a local musician with whom she has an intense physical chemistry; and Toni, an older, richer, charming playboy who tries to lure her with his extravagant lifestyle.

9:00 – BULLIT TRIP (1:24)

Former Shinjuku No.1 male host Noboru slams up the hostess lover Noriko and rushes 800 km nonstop on the night highway to the port town Mihonoseki. The trip, called “surprise bullet trip”, has a purpose that only Noboru knew. But unfortunately, the day of “the closest port town to God”, unfamiliar to the two of them, is December 3rd, when the rituals that have been running for 2000 years since ancient times. The path of the sloppy couple involves Goro, the third-generation owner of the local soy sauce shop, and heads in an unexpected direction.