2019 Mississippi High School Film Selections



A girl tries to get through daily life with a mental illness. She believes she won until anxiety sneaks back up on her at the last second.

Bombsquad Scene from The Second Target of the Backwoods Bandits

Graham and Athen chase down a bomb in this thrilling action scene from the upcoming feature film The Second Target of the Backwoods Bandits.

The Clem Kindness Show

A man named Clem teaches a troubled youth the true meaning of kindness.

Gold Mountain

Prospector finds gold and is attacked by bandits. As their demanding their gold, more bandits arrive and fight each other for the gold.


A metaphysical journey through the five stages of grief. After a reckless driver hits a pedestrian, he goes through all five stages of grief in a literal sense.

Inside the Walls

07734 is confined in a prison where the prisoners are given tests that ultimately decide their worthiness for “life outside the walls.”

The Little Things


A Muggle (human) enjoys an early morning cup of joe at a cafe in London, though on the way out, mixes up his coat with someone of strange origins.

Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes is about my life. It talks about the happy parts and the sad parts.

Razmataz Buckshank

Foley artist extraordinaire Razmataz Buckshank takes you deep into the world of foley art.


An animated film star decides to rebel against his creator (Kevin Pettigrew) and causes chaos all over his film set and camera.


Emily is a young musician in high school who recently lost her best friend to a car accident, after leaving him at the movies by himself. Now she uses music to try to cope with the guilt she feels.

SuperDawg: The Baddest White Man Around

A bad white man has framed an even badder white man. Now the baddest white man around wants revenge.


A troubled high school student switches places with her struggling teacher and realizes that the negative behavior of students has substantial effects on her teachers life.

The Talent Show

Judges of a talent show are judging various acts, when something mysterious happens.

Tribute to Veterans

A video honoring and thanking U.S. veterans for their dedication and sacrifices.

What Happens Next?

Two girls are on the phone talking when they hear tapping. When they open the doors they see each other on the other side.

When Nothing Was Wrong

Two high school seniors contemplate the close of a chapter of their lives enriched with music. They reignite their passion with an original song entitled “When Nothing Was Wrong.”