2019 Mississippi High School Film Competition Agenda


The Belden Campus is located at 3200 Adams Farm Rd., Belden, MS 38826

Click Here for directions.

9:00 am Welcome

9:05 am First Block of Films

When Nothing Was Wrong – Quinn Ridler – Two high school seniors contemplate the close of a chapter of their lives enriched with music. They reignite their passion with an original song entitled “When Nothing Was Wrong.”

Razmataz Buckshank – Quinn Ridler – Foley artist extraordinaire Razmataz Buckshank takes you deep into the world of foley art.

What Happens Next – Alexis Moscato – Two girls are on the phone talking when they hear tapping. When they open the doors, they see each other on the other side.
Gold Mountain – Daniel Eberhart – Prospector finds gold and is attacked by bandits. As they are demanding their gold, more bandits arrive and fight each other for the gold.

The Clem Kindness Show – Jack King – A man named Clem teaches a troubled youth the true meaning of kindness.

The Little Things – Maleigha McElveen – Enjoying spending time with family.

Tribute to Veterans – Cameron Adams – A video honoring and thanking U.S. veterans for their dedication and sacrifices.

Anxiety – Anna Andrews – A girl tries to get through daily life with a mental illness. She believes she has won until . . . .

Bombsquad Scene from The Second Target of the Backwoods Bandits – Graham Holliday – Graham and Athen chase down a bomb in this thrilling action scene from the upcoming feature film THE SECOND TARGET OF THE BACKWOODS BANDITS.

10:00 am Break
University Representatives
Malco Theatre Lobby

10:15 am Second Block of Films

The Talent Show – Taylor Foster – Judges of a talent show are judging various acts, when something mysterious happens.

Sabotage! – Jonathan Lancaster – An animated film star decides to rebel against his creator (Kevin Pettigrew) and causes chaos all over his film set and camera.

Open Your Eyes – Michaela Reese – OPEN YOUR EYES is about my life. It talks about the happy parts and the sad parts.

Inside the Walls – Cameron Adams – 07734 is confined in a prison where the prisoners are given tests that ultimately decide their worthiness for “life outside the walls.”

Grief – Duncan Stanley – A metaphysical journey through the five stages of grief. After a reckless driver hits a pedestrian, he goes through all five stages of grief in a literal sense.

Sleepwalking – Michael Childers – Emily is a young musician in high school who recently lost her best friend to a car accident, after leaving him at the movies by himself. Now she uses music to try to cope with the guilt she feels.

Manteau – Sarah Schenck – A Muggle (human) enjoys an early morning cup of joe at a cafe in London, though on the way out, mixes up his coat with someone of strange origins.

Switched – Bart Brooks – A troubled high school student switches places with her struggling teacher and realizes that the negative behavior of students has substantial effects on her teacher’s life.

SuperDawg: The Baddest White Man Around – Jack King – A bad white man has framed an even badder white man. Now the baddest white man around wants revenge.

11:20 am Audience Favorite Voting

11:40 am Awards Ceremony

1st Place $600 ($300 & Trophy for filmmaker/$300 for school)
2nd Place $200 ($100 & Trophy for filmmaker/$100 for school)
3rd Place $100 ($50 & Trophy for filmmaker/$50 for school)
Audience Award $300 (Trophy & Cash Award for filmmaker)
Best Cinematography $200 (Trophy & Cash Award for filmmaker; Sponsored by the Ole Miss Film Program)

12:00-1:15 pm Free Lunch at Lenny’s Sub
Shop in Tupelo
3437 Tupelo Commons #104
Tupelo, MS 38804

1:30-2:30 pm Analysis, High School Films
Harrison Witt, Ole Miss
ICC Belden Campus
3200 Adams Farm Rd.
Belden, MS 38826

3:00-4:00 pm Acting Workshop
Carolyn Parson
Malco Theatre
Tupelo, MS 38801

Watkins College of Art
1st place – $12,000 over four years
2nd place – $8,000 over four years
3rd place – $4,000 over four years

University of Southern Mississippi
1st place – $500
2nd place – $200
3rd place – $100

Belhaven University
1st place – $3,000
2nd place – $2,000
3rd place – $1,000