2018 Mississippi High School Film Competition Winners

The 2018 Mississippi High School Film Competition was held Saturday, April 21st, at the Malco Tupelo Commons Cinema in Tupelo , Mississippi.

This year there were thirty-one films in competition from across the state. The winners are:

1st Place – Zachary Rast for THEFT AMONGST THE STABLES
2nd Place – Nicolas Pace for THE DOPPLEGANGER
3rd Place – Thomas Hart for THE LIBRARY
Audience Favorite Award – Ben Rickman for STONEWALL

Congratulation to this year’s students!

2018 Mississippi High School Film Finalists
Front row, left to right – Jack King, Bart Brooks, Jaci Kimble, Keely Jones, Grace Powell, and Jodie Bartlett

Back row, left to right – Daniel Eberhart, Quinn Ridler, Cameron Adams, Ben Rickman, Zachary Rast, Nicolas Pace, Clinton Hart, and Graham Holliday

Finalists not pictured are Thomas Hart, Alison Brown, Julia Bhansali, and Caleb Haynes.

Extra Day For Workshops

This year there was an extra day ahead of the festival for workshops. Bay High School came in early, so an event for them. Harrison Witt, associate professor of Cinema at Ole Miss, and Michael Williams, independent filmmaker, presented workshops for the students.

Next, the students participated in a three-hour film challenge. Actor Alex Hargett of STRANGER THINGS acted in one of the films, and ICC film students worked as make-up artists and actors with the high school students.

Richard Gershman,
Chair of the Film Program at Watkins College of Art,
with Zachary Rast

Nicholas Pace

Ben Rickman
Audience Favorite – STONEWALL