2018 Films – Thursday

The Pea Shooter
The Pea Shooter is a dramatic comedy that follows the day in the life of two kids, Taylor and Rae, who in spite of their differences in religion and their economic social status are still able to form a friendship

Turn Left Now: Surviving the Unbelievable
A group of unrelated people are struck by the same medical condition. This film explores what it takes to survive.

All Quiet on the HomeFront
Based on the true story of Bhagat Singh Thind, one of the first Asian-Americans from India, who immigrated to the US, earned citizenship and volunteered to fight in the US Army during WW1. He comes back from the war and is discharged because a new law revokes the citizenship of Non-Caucasians. He meets a fellow soldier, Thomas Mannix, who has come back from WW1 and has no place to stay. Bhagat is initially reluctant but eventually lets Thomas stay in his home. Hearing Bhagat’s citizenship case Thomas reveals he is a lawyer and is willing to help Bhagat. The Oregon State Supreme Court doesn’t change the law but gives Bhagat an exception. However, since other Asians cannot get citizenship, this doesn’t sit well with Bhagat. Bhagat convinces Thomas to take the case to the Supreme Court. Thomas reluctantly agrees. At the Supreme Court, the case doesn’t go well and they lose. Bhagat is to be deported and Thomas tries to convince him to run. Bhagat refuses because Thomas will be arrested if he helps him escape. Thomas waits at the train station for Bhagat to turn himself in but Bhagat doesn’t show up. Thomas gets a parcel with a postcard to New York City and the deed to Bhagat’s house in Thomas’ name. Bhagat escapes to New York City to continue to fight for the rights of Asians to gain citizenship.

All Light Will End
Young, successful horror novelist Savannah Martin’s new book is taking the genre by storm. Her father, the police chief of her small hometown, investigates murders and foul play too grim for their bucolic life. As she and her friends settle in for a relaxing weekend at her childhood home, the dark secret at the crux of Savannah’s success stirs in her dreams and seeps into her reality. Amidst sexual tensions and fireside stories, Savannah’s despondency and her father’s case collide with gruesome and horrifying reveals, leaving little distinction between the subconscious and reality.