2018 Films – Short Documentary Block

Does Mississippi’s state flag, adopted in 1894 and the last in the United States to incorporate Confederate imagery into its design, represent hospitality or hostility? To some it depicts history and heritage; to others it stands for a history of hate and injustice. The discourse over the flag often becomes so contentious that the debate quickly devolves into a shouting match. FLAG FLAP OVER MISSISSIPPI is a filmic conversation between all sides that will hopefully generate more civil discussion in the public sphere.

Nathan Miller directs “In His Wakes”, a non-profit watersports outreach that seeks to bring watersports to inner-city children. By facing their fears on the water, participants are empowered to tackle challenges in their day to day life.

Have you ever wondered how the famous child’s toy, the teddy bear came to be? Let us take you on a 15 minute journey of discovery and uncover the birth of the Teddy Bear and also learn about the life of a man, a Mississippian, a legend in his own right, whose story begs to be told, Holt Collier.

“Shaped by God” is a documentary about a man named Michael Furchert. Growing up in communist East Germany, Michael faced many difficult trials and choices because of his Christian faith. But God, the master Potter, used the trials in his life to shape him into a stronger vessel for service and blessing. Michael now has a ministry in the USA as he travels all over the nation to speak about how God has worked in his life.