2018 Films – Mississippi High School Competition – Second Block

The Doppelganger – Nicolas Pace – A man who misses his recently deceased friend tries to bring him back into a robot body with dark science.

Broken Limits – Caleb Haynes – A troubled young man encounters a strange figure after an accident. Now, he must try to find a way out without succumbing to whatever the future may hold for him.

Brookhaven Music and Sound: A Documentary – Clinton Hart – A short documentary about a local music company that is in Brookhaven, MS.

Down in Smeazyville – Graham Holliday – A short lego film about a dragon and his citizens attacking the rich people of the town.

Ghost Detective – Jack King – After a routine call goes wrong, ghost exterminator, Officer Basil, must hunt down his now-possessed partner.

Luck of the Draw – Daniel Eberhart – Three cowboys are playing cards in a saloon when one is caught cheating. The cheater is put in a difficult standoff against the other two card-players.

Perspective – Nichole Herbert – A girl goes through the seemingly worst day of her life, but could it change if she changed her perspective?

Responsibility Switch – Tyrese Frazier – Have you ever wondered how life would be if kids acted as adults, and adults acted as children? Well here it is.

Schizophrenia – Clinton Hart – Chris suffers with schizophrenia and doesn’t realize it. He thinks he has a perfect life with a family that loves him but in reality he is in a nursing home/care center.

Solitude – Julia Bhansali – In 1944 one woman is forced to face the harsh realities of war and experience the true meaning of solitude.

The Library – Thomas Hart – A silent, slapstick comedy about two students fighting over a library book.

The Fate of a Sister – Alison Brown – This documentary tells the story of Cara Filler and how she took the worst event in her life and turned it into something that has impacted youth all around the world. Now she’s looked at as one of the Top Most Motivational Speakers in the World.

Theft amongst the Stables – Zachary Rast – Detective helps his boss find something that was stolen from him.

Wrong Name Wrong Face – Taylor Rabalais – Young teenage girl finds out that talking to strangers online can be deceiving and not all that it’s cracked up to be.

You – Emma Lee – This film is defining what makes you…you.

You Must’ve Done Something Wrong – Jailyn Newell – A brief biography of Former Congressman Michael Park who explains his early childhood into his years being a congressman from Mississippi and transferring to the Army Corps of America before his firing in the summer of 2002.