2018 Films – Mississippi High School Competition – First Block

All our Yesterdays – Jaci Kimble – Meredith Foster and Camilla Holland are two normal high school sophomores in advanced drama. While trying to navigate high school and drama, Meredith realizes that the two girls’ days have been repeating. This film depicts how precious life is, and why the girls’ days are repeating.

Heartstrings – Cameron Adams – A busking guitar player meets a special girl while performing in a park.

Hidden Trepidation – Grace Powell – A new website intrigues a young, aspiring writer to collaborate with others in creating a story online. By taking turns in writing sentences, they cannot go back on what they submit and can only continue. Out of anger, the young writer submits his friend’s name into the storyline under a bad ending, a mistake he realizes has consequences that go beyond his screen.

I Don’t Know – Trinity Baynham – Not knowing what to do with my life.

I Tried – Edie Lockett – Everything that could go wrong with making a short film, did.

L.I.F.E. – Mion Wilkes – Life is about finding who you are and expressing yourself. This is a vlog of me learning my individuality and finding my expression.

Lost in Translation – Keely Jones – After Anna Grace finds a journal, she begins a love affair with an eccentric artist. There is one problem: Anna Grace doesn’t know who he is. Will she finally meet her mystery man or will she lose hope in finding him?

Nay Tooth Fairy – Niyah Odum – A child in search of the tooth fairy.

Rome – Quinn Ridler – The gang ROME gets a new controversial leader Caesar, who is the target of a group of conspirators. Based on the tragedy of Julius Caesar, this is an action packed and modernized version.

Send Me Home with a Smile – Jodie Bartlett – This film covers the tragic ending of a friendship and how a young girl copes with the absence of her best friend and the beginning of a life without her.

Stonewall – Ben Rickman – Takes place in the 1960s involving a murder in Mississippi never solved.

Surviving with Cougar Fries – Bart Brooks – A new cameraman is hired to film a ‘Surviving with Cougar Fries’ episode. Connect2 is low on its funding and is having issues controlling himself.

The Real Life – Logan Tomlinson – Today’s technology distracts us from what really matters in life such as nature. Go explore and see the world.

The Stranger – Cameron Adams – A young man escapes from his town with a target on his back. He finds a house and tries to make friendly with the owner. The young man is stranger with many mysteries in this prequel to ‘The Shooting of Dan McGrew.’

Try Again – Dalton Stevens- A college student is on her way to class when she is killed. She is in a loop of getting killed over again, until finally she makes it out alive with her last life to spare.