2017 Mississippi High School Film Competition Winners

The 2017 Mississippi High School Film Competition was held Saturday, April 22nd, at the Malco Tupelo Commons Cinema in Tupelo , Mississippi.

This year there were nine films in competition from across the state. The winners are:

1st Place/Casey Spradling Student Award – Mismo
2nd Place – The Shooting Of Dan McGrew
3rd Place – Perceive
Audience Award – The Shooting of Dan McGrew

Congratulation to this year’s students!

Judges for this year’s competition were: Morgan Cutturini – ICC Film Instructor, Keith Morris – ICC Film Instructor, Jon Armstrong – ICC Film Instructor, Eli Cox – ICC Film Student, Jacob Buse – ICC Film Student, Telexus Miller – ICC Film Student, Hunter Rodgers – ICC Film Student, and Bryan Rosenberg – ICC Film Student.

2017 Film Entries

MISMO – Landon Brady – Bay High School
A man awakens in an unknown location, not remembering what has happened for him to end up there. After a survey of the land, he sees a woman in white, who then leads him through a maze of memories to end where he has the ultimate revelation.

BORN TO QUIT – Garrett Hollowell – Center Hill High School
A young man is trying to figure out who he is, while being pressured by people in his life.

NOT JUST MILK – Tony King – Oxford High School
Jamie is a young author, doing his best to write a murder mystery. An unwanted trip to the store, forced upon him by his unsupportive mother, may give him the push he needs to continue with his story.

PERCEIVE – Grace Powell – Bay High School
Michaela is able to lucid dream, escaping her troubles back in reality. Soon, however, she meets another person inside her dreams, and eventually they become each other’s support. With them depending on each other more and more, lucid dreaming becomes Michaela’s only source of happiness.

THE ART OF LIVING – Cierra Tucker – Tupelo High School
This is a film about humanity and the different things that we experience in our lives. It transitions from all of the negative aspects to the positive beautiful side of life as a symbol for how people should look on the bright side.

THE SHOOTING OF DAN MCGREW – Cameron Adams – Bay High School
There is trouble in the Malmute Saloon. A supposedly unknown stranger enters the saloon. Dangerous Dan McGrew is quick to suspect trouble. However, the others quickly accept the stranger with a round of drinks. Is Dan McGrew’s woman, the lady known as Lou, part of all of this? Does the stranger start even more trouble? Is one of the card players cheating? Find out in the Shooting of Dan McGrew.

PAPER CRANES – Jaquline Andry – Bay High School
A girl who learns about the paper crane myth decides she will try to make her wish come true.

OMINOUS – Alyssa Juge – Bay High School
A girl has dreams of what is to happen in the future. Though everyone thinks she is crazy, she isn’t. She is just a girl with a gift.

FEEL NO PAIN – Devareau Bell – Bay High School
This film shows how music is used as an escape mechanism.

2017 High School Winners

Landon Brady
1st Place/Casey Spradling Student Award – Mismo

Cameron Adams
2nd Place & Audience Award – The Shooting Of Dan McGrew

Grace Powell
3rd Place – Perceive